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Autism Home Design can match the sensory profile of your home to your loved one to create a harmonious space.

Autism Friendly spaces fitting the individual sensory profile of your loved one

What is Autism Home Design?

Autism Home Design is not just a designer, not just a contractor but a full service design and build partner for families and individuals with Autism at any age and any stage of their lives.

Autism Home Design’s mission is to create individualized, Autism Friendly home and business spaces for people with Autism that enhance the quality of life for all members of the Autism community that we serve.

To meet this mission Autism Home Design has created a propriety assessment and design decision tree that takes into account each individual’s sensory profile, unique family needs, personal interests and safety concerns that is carried out by builders who have gone through Autism sensitivity training.

Autism Home Design operates in four very distinct phases in order to provide our proprietary home design and build experience.

Autism Home Design’s 4 Step Process

Step 1:  Assess

Autism Home Design has created a proprietary assessment and design process tailored specfically for people with Autism which is administered by a BCBA and an Occupational Therapist. Our assessment allows us to gain a sensory profile of both an individual with Autism and their home environment. We call this our Balanced Needs Assessment.  

Our Balanced Needs Assessment also takes into account each family’s individual considerations and safety needs to provide our clients with a detailed perspective of their loved one’s needs.

Step 2:  Design

During the design process, Autism Home Design’s dedication to creating an individualized living space takes form.

The results of the Balanced Needs Assessment are connected with Autism Home Design’s proprietary decision tree which helps our design team choose from over 100+ different custom design ideas and products.

Autism Home Design has partnered with multiple other companies in order to provide innovative home solutions such as home automation, custom lock options, individualized sensory rooms and so much more!

Step 3: Build

Autism Home Design utilizes a professional build team that has passed our internal Autism sensitivity training courses.  This provides a build team that understands Autism and allows the build process to move along smoothly for each family.

Because we know that many people with Autism have difficulty with change in routine and their environment, Autism Home Design’s BCBA also provides individualized social stories and other helpful visual aids that help ease the transition of the space over time.

Autism Home Design’s build team is able to handle projects that vary in size and depth.  We also offer build options for outside living spaces that are tailored to each individual with Autism’s needs.

Step 4: Engage

Our process is not complete until we have achieved our mission which is to improve the quality of life for each family that we serve.

This means that our BCBA will engage with each client after the project has been completed to ensure full satisfaction and   measure if the objectives set in the initial assessment phase have been met.

This engagement phase also allows Autism Home Design to allow families to participate in our Autism Design research program.  Families that wish to participate in this program will collect vital data for Autism Home Design on the effectiveness of each individualized design for their loved one.  This information will then be used to continuously improve Autism Home Design’s process and the field of Autism Design as a whole.

Why Autism Home Design?

At Autism Home Design we know that all families design their homes around their children.  This especially applies to families who have a loved one with Autism.  However, when your loved one has Autism it can be very difficult to know what home changes to make.

One of Autism Home Design’s stated missions is to relieve this pressure and stress by providing families with cutting edge assessment, design, build and engagement services.  We have spent years researching products, companies and services to match directly to your loved one’s sensory profile, personal interests and safety needs.  This research has lead us to a first of its kind proprietary assessment and design system that we can offer to our clients.

Another large part of Autism Home Design’s “Why?” is our firm belief that people with Autism often times experience the world much differently than others based on their individual sensory profiles. Multiple studies have shown that individuals with Autism maintain much higher levels of sensory processing needs when compared with other groups. In fact, studies have shown that 90% of individuals with Autism have sensory processing needs. In addition to these studies, many first hand accounts of sensory challenges have recently emerged highlighting the need for home design that takes sensory challenges into account.  We seek to create personalized spaces that help to minimize sensory challenges in the home.

Our team

Each member of Autism Home Design’s intimate team contributes toward our mission.  Autism Home Design’s BCBA consultant, Tim Sullivan, has been working with people with Autism for over a decade.  His experienced has spanned from age 18 months to 52 years of age.  Tim is passionate about broadening Autism Design and how this field can help enhance therapy and outcomes for people with Autism.

Our design/build consultant David Gould has been specializing in creating home spaces for people with disabilities for over 14 years. This experience has allowed David to engage with a vast array of products and designs which has greatly informed Autism Home Design’s assessment and service offerings.

Gabrielle Sullivan is Autism Home Design’s talented Occupational Therapy consultant.  Gabrielle’s insight in the area of sensory processing and other OT related concepts has been vital to Autism Home Design’s ability to create our Balanced Needs Assessment.

Tim Sullivan, M.Ed, BCBA

BCBA consultant

Tim Sullivan serves as Autism Home Design’s BCBA consultant.  Tim brings over 10 years of experience working with families and individuals with Autism to the Autism Home Design team.  Throughout this time Tim has worked with people with Autism through all age levels, stages of life and in both school and home environments. Through this perspective Tim began to envision the power that the home environment can have in helping families and individuals with Autism reach their highest potential. With little tools currently available for families in this area, Tim set out to partner with a content area expert in creating home spaces for people with disabilities.  Having been fortunate enough to find just that expert in David Gould, Autism Home Design, was able to launch and start to grow toward its mission. Tim can be contacted at any time at

David Gould

Design/Builder Consultant

David is a licensed contractor with a CAPS certification who has been specializes in designing and creating spaces for individuals with special needs for over 14 years.  This commitment and expertise has allowed David to become an expert in this field with a unique knowledge of products and design options.  David’s talents allow him to manage projects both large and small from a perspective of care and compassion that is unmatched by his peers.  These traits allow Autism Home Design the ability to recommend the design elements that each client needs knowing that David has the expertise and passion to be able to make these modifications come to life.  Please contact Dave any time at

Gabrielle Sullivan, OTR/L, BCBA

Occupational Therapist Consultant

Gabrielle is a licensed Occupational Therapist and a Board Certified Behavior Analyst who specializes in working with individuals with Autism.  Gabrielle’s work with people with Autism has allowed her to practice and refine the ability to uniquely understand the sensory processing challenges that many people with Autism can face.  In addition to this expertise, Gabrielle is also fluent in strategies and best practice techniques that target a person’s ability to learn and perform vital self-help and adaptive skills in both the home and community environments.  This level of experience and knowledge adds to the Autism Home Design team the unique ability to assess and recommend design modifications that can encompass all range of needs for the families and individuals with Autism that we serve.  Please contact Gabrielle at any time at

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